First Ever Blog Post


Cassidee-27Good morning, friends!  I am so very happy to be combining my love of design with my love of writing and sharing.  There are so many reasons and paths that led me to this moment. I am just in a state of gratitude.  I hope to expand the concept for this blog more and more over the years. For now I will start with sharing past and current projects.

This first project was completed over 3 years ago.  These are some sweet neighbor friends of ours.  We will call them Family S. Mrs. S first reached out to me about possibly helping them very early on in the renovation process. It was a learning process for me as I had never been involved in a project of this scale.  To say I was often unsure I could complete this with pleased clients, would be an understatement.  I feel I managed to grow as a stylist and Family S is living happily ever after.

The whole upstairs was ripped apart and built back together again.  Every wall was moved.  New layout, new floors, tile, fixtures, doors, paint, furniture…..nothing was left untouched.

The master bedroom is now very bright and restful.  The day we styled it was just so inspiring. I found it hard to leave.

I will leave you with the pictures from that day.

Photos were taken by Brent of Brent Culbertson Photography.

Brent Culbertson Photography

Thanks for stopping by. Cannot wait to share more.


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