Vision Boards and Hashtags

Hi lovely friends! Thank you guys for your support in both my first ever blog post and all the love you have shown me on Instagram!  I am thankful for any and all of the encouragement and suggestions along the way!  Glad you guys are back for round 2!

So one of the reasons I really wanted to have a blog was to document the process of redoing our own home. I am anxious to get started, but le husband is being practical and planning out our timeline.  Love him for it. We are going to go through each room of the house eventually and either rework the function of the room or touch on the aesthetics of it alone.  Just making it our home.

Before we get started on any project, I like to collect my thoughts and gather inspiration on a vision board. Vision boards are a helpful tool when planning and communicating a vision that is in my head.  It creates an anchor for us…or maybe a lighthouse?  Either way, it aides us in not straying or starting a new look mid-project. There is nothing worst than spending time, energy and money on a project just to want a different look half way through it.

I strive to dig deep and search for two things before starting. First, how will this space be used? A dining room is a great example. Do you intend to use this room just for company, or is it your family’s only dining space?  Do you foresee having family dinners for 4, 6 or more. Is it just for holidays? Or are you a couple that is too busy to entertain and in need of a place to simply sit and eat?

colorful dining room



Will you need the space to consider both family dinners and entertaining?  How often will you use it?


Second, who is the space for? I believe there is not a single moment that defines your style but instead a lifetime. How can you expect your style to already be defined in its entirety? There is no harm in finding inspiration in different homes, blogposts or even Pinterest. But the challenge and possibly the most critical step is making it yours. To create a space that speaks to a lifestyle that you do not have is a waste of space. To design around someone’s vision and hopes for their own life is to forget your own.  This is where cultivating begins.

dining room with basket light

I want to share my vision for my older son’s room.  When creating this, I first considered who he is as a 10 year old.  As the son of a surfer, he thankfully loves to surf as well.  My husband and I grew up on the beach.  As kids, we would spend every minute out there. He proposed to me in the dunes behind the house I grew up in ( I still consider it my house…is that weird?).  We have taken each kid to the shore at 2 weeks old and envisioned our new family continuing to grow on the sand.  I hope to get back to surfing now that the growing out part is finished.

Because of this back story I know that the ocean will always be a part of who he is. Therefore, I want to create a  place that doesn’t scream cheesy beach motif that so many have fallen victim to. Instead I want the colors, textures and overall vibe in his personal space to give him the same feelings he has when he is by the shore. Again, something that is personal to him.


This is a space that is neutral enough to remain timeless, however reveals glimpses of who my amazing mini guy is. He himself, is timeless, fun and of course a sea-pup.  We discussed what he wanted in his room. He left the aesthetics up to me.  After showing him this Vision Board, his only critique was that there be a little more yellow. Preferably on the stools.  Yellow is not my fave. However, we agreed on something similar to these:

camp stools



This is really a helpful tool when planning and communicating a vision that is in my head.  I cannot wait to show you the finished product.

Next up is my daughter’s room.  She is also a lover of the sea.  She is feminine without being prissy, and loves to be outside as much as she loves to relax indoors. For her I wanted to keep the tone of the room light and airy. Bringing a little outdoor in, but not creating a jungalow affect.  She offered nothing but excitement. Love when I nail it first time! She is both easier to read and please.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 2.19.52 PM

I love creating these boards and actually offer these as part of my whole project design concept or on their own as part of my E-Design.  These come with a source list and are created with your budget in mind.  These really are a game-changer as a starting point in any design, big or small. You’d be surprised.  My husband enjoys seeing what in the world I am talking about or planning on doing in a space before he agrees to let me loose!

I am so thankful that you will be following along with our family through our own reno.  Stay tuned!!!

I would love to hear some of your favorite ways to get inspired.  Do you have certain styles, or certain designers you follow?  What about hashtags?   Do you guys have a favorite hashtag that you are following?? Hashtags in the design world are a search engine all their own.

What a fun and crazy modern world we live in!



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