Design DNA: Cuba

Hi friends!

SO….Guess what day it is??

Its Design DNA Day!

Today we are taking a look at design through the eyes of the Cuban culture.


Last time we were in the Canary Islands and divulged our senses into everything clean and modern on the inside so as to appreciate the visual elements outside.


Many immigrated from the Canaries to Cuba in the 19th and 20th centuries.  With overpopulation, lack of employment opportunities and threats of starvation, the promise of a new start was appealing to these families. Despite the idea of Cuba being so far from home.   Much of the Cuban culture, dialect and cuisine is very similar to that of the Canary Islands. Even more so than in Spain. Many islenos, Canary Islanders, that settled in Cuba returned to Canary Islands bringing with them the cigar industry.


Like the Canary Islands, Cuba is rich in tropical landscapes and vast waters. However, the place where I have noticed much of the design differs is on the interiors. Picture ceramics, tropical plants spilling over surfaces of tile, wood and soft jewels toned walls.

cuban alley way

What many Americans would view as a style frozen in time, it is the combination and authenticity of it all that has me wide eyed in amazement.

cuban photo



All of the recent trend in tropical decor and prints here in the states is nothing short of a natural ease to who the Cubans are. It tells their story.




hotel florida in havan vieja


Below I have picked through some of the most authentic and stylish Airbnb’s for your viewing pleasure as well as provided links to each.  (In case you are like me and wish to visit)

La Casa Cubana


House 40




Casa Albear




Penthouse 18





And in case you are like me….here is what it would look like to drench everything in soft white linens and furnishings.  Really just to let the architecture and surroundings shine.

Magical B&B by the Sea Havana

white linen2




Now for my vision board via all things Cuba!

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 1.29.06 PM


Thats it for our Design DNA series this go around….and for the islands for now.

I am really excited to bring you the next location for our Design DNA series.

Can you guess where it is?

Also, please send me more of your suggestions for any place you would love to “visit” and see a vision board inspired by.

Looking forward to hearing from you all once again!







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