Round It Up

Happy Friday Friends!


Here we are facing the weekend and I thought it would be great to set it up right with a round up of all the best design moments Ive come across this week!  The goal is to do this on Fridays.  And so we begin!


A good before and after always stops me.  I love seeing how someone reimagined a space.  I  look at the before and guess what changes they made. Its fun and I suggest you try it sometime.

Below is a lovely edition of 1960’s pattern play.  With the wallpaper, and ceiling paper?, plus the white brick in herringbone pattern, its just crying for streamlining.

Architectural Digest Editor’s Home Before & After


And that is what the new owners did. By redirecting the pattern to the backsplash and allowing the rest of the space to remain fairly neutral the kitchen is updated and looks larger. They did move the fridge allowing for one long row of lowers optimizing storage and creating that triangle known for helping kitchens flow.


Next up is someone new to me. She is equal parts adorable and talent. Claire Zinnecker had me stalking her portfolio a bit longer than was healthy and I cannot get over her fusion of color while keeping the space clean and streamlined.   My favorite had to be the Hyde Park Bungalow Remodel. But when I say it was a hard choice, I mean it!



clairezinnecker3She also shares of love of Max Wanger’s Photography.  Obviously we aren’t the only two in the world, but we did chose the exact same print so that means something, right??  She has tons of inspo on her site, as well as youtube tutorials. Check her out!

And last up the queen herself. India Hicks.  I have loved her style for who knows how long. If you follow me on Instagram, you know my love of a good design book. Well hers might have been the second one I purchased well over a decade ago.  I just keep coming back to it.


india hicks lafiorentina

She can do no wrong!

Feel inspired and encourage! Its going to be a good weekend!






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