Happy Harvest Round it Up

Hey Howdy!

Today I have gathered some of the most inspiring harvest decor for you all!  I have yet to decorate, and I’m not sure we will this year. (More than a few cinderella pumpkins that is.) Our five  year old is really loving all of the decor he spots through the neighborhoods. I think it is the first year he has noticed it, and that alone makes me want at least a pumpkin or two to scatter around.

First up, is the master at casual chic, Liz Marie. I dare you to not be inspired. Head to her blog and read her bio. She her and her husband are so sweet and have an amazing story.



Next I found this cute tutorial featured on Lonny.  Alice and Lois have it all mapped out on their blog. These Marbled Pumpkins are so cute. I really love the indigo blue, but you could use any color that suits your taste.



And who doesn’t love a tablescape?  This is the season for hosting company and having a plan for your table makes it all the easier to host with ease. Rooms for Rent’s tablescape from last fall will do just that.


Speaking of Tablescapes I created ours for the upcoming season. And I am sharing it below.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 2.31.00 PM

  1. White and Gold Bottle Tapers  2. Radial Dinner Plate 3. Indigo Diamond Napkins     4. Sinnerlig Pendant Lamp 5. Red Wood Table 6. Eucalyptus Garland with Peach Florals 7. Bamboo Directors Chair  8. Eco Natural Fiber Rug 9.similar                         10. Classic Stripe 12×24

Hope you enjoyed….and if you are local stay tuned for next weeks big announcement. A new service offered by CDI that I cannot wait to begin taking appointments for.





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