Christmas Styling

Good morning!  I hope this week is gearing up to be a fun one. As we are closing in on Halloween (how is this possible?), here at CDI we are turning our sights to the great beyond.  Thats right, the Holidays!  With school, work and all the festivities that fill our calendars this time of … Continue reading Christmas Styling


Happy Harvest Round it Up

Hey Howdy! Today I have gathered some of the most inspiring harvest decor for you all!  I have yet to decorate, and I'm not sure we will this year. (More than a few cinderella pumpkins that is.) Our five  year old is really loving all of the decor he spots through the neighborhoods. I think … Continue reading Happy Harvest Round it Up

Round It Up

Hey Guys!!!  A quiet week on the blog as we were hanging with a mouse. Happy to be back in time to send us all off into the weekend. We have a slew of activities to tackle, but I am so thankful to have had a few days off. This week I have rounded up … Continue reading Round It Up

Round It Up

Happy Friday Friends!   Here we are facing the weekend and I thought it would be great to set it up right with a round up of all the best design moments Ive come across this week!  The goal is to do this on Fridays.  And so we begin!   A good before and after … Continue reading Round It Up

Design DNA: Scotland

Hey Friends!  Its been a while and I am really excited to be back behind the key board today!  We are picking up our Design DNA journey in none other than Scotland!  The weather here in Florida has been raining and misty and very dreary. All elements that remind me of the Scottish/Irish part of … Continue reading Design DNA: Scotland

Design DNA: Cuba

Hi friends! SO....Guess what day it is?? Its Design DNA Day! Today we are taking a look at design through the eyes of the Cuban culture. Last time we were in the Canary Islands and divulged our senses into everything clean and modern on the inside so as to appreciate the visual elements outside. Many … Continue reading Design DNA: Cuba

Kids Room Inspiration + Updates

So as we near the finish line on our floors-     I am soaking all kinds of inspiration in.  With our aesthetic in mind I have been looking at all things kids rooms. Our two youngest are going to share a room until the girls are ready to share a room together. Our boys … Continue reading Kids Room Inspiration + Updates

Design DNA

Good morning! Happy Monday! Thank you once again for all of the encouraging comments and feedback on my last post.   That is the fire I need to keep this train moving.   On my last post I touched on the process of "cultivating" your style.   A style that will translate into your home … Continue reading Design DNA

Mi casa

Good morning!!   This day is very exciting to me: it is go time! Our floors arrived and they are beginning installation this morning. Like any minute.  Basically it's Christmas.  Proudest moment has to be when my daughter looked at me and said, " I can't believe this is actually happening." I think the kids … Continue reading Mi casa

Vision Boards and Hashtags

Hi lovely friends! Thank you guys for your support in both my first ever blog post and all the love you have shown me on Instagram!  I am thankful for any and all of the encouragement and suggestions along the way!  Glad you guys are back for round 2! So one of the reasons I … Continue reading Vision Boards and Hashtags